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Ugo Betti


On a remote island, where the only company is a herd of goats and a delivery driver, Edoardo, Agata, her daughter Silvia and her sister-in-law Pia live in a modest house with a well.

In this godforsaken place, they survived the war, during which all trace of their husband, father and brother Enrico, who was in captivity, was lost. One day, his roommate Angelo appears in place of the man whose absence binds them together, because waiting for him gives them a common sense of purpose. It quickly becomes clear that he has not just come for a visit, but intends to stay.

Delitto all’isola delle capre, 1948


Premiere: 28. March 2024

Performance length is 1 hour and 40 minutes and has no pause.


Language consultant

Jaša L. Zlobec


Alen Jelen

The close-knit community of three women, previously trapped for years in loneliness and longing, is shattered by the arrival of a young and attractive man. Suddenly, the question of who they are as individuals and what defines them outside the isolated community that has provided them with security and survival, suddenly becomes a key issue for all three of them. Should they persevere together or free themselves from each other? Be on their own or together with or because of a man? Angelo becomes the centre of their world and awakens a passion in all three of them, which ultimately ruins him.

The play by Ugo Betti, the Italian lawyer, poet and playwright, has been performed all over the world, since its first production in 1950. Goat Island is the setting for the play and a metaphor for the morbid inner reality of its female protagonists, who, each in their own way and yet also together, are confronted with their own passions, longings, obsessions and fears. Under the blazing Mediterranean sun, a drama of interpersonal relationships is played out, in which the desire for the other collides with the drive for self-fulfilment, and love and glory are complemented in crime and death.

Director Alen Jelen is known to Ljubljana City Theatre audiences for his successful productions from previous seasons, such as Naked, Terrible Parents and We must not fall in love.


Premiere in March 2024 on Small Stage