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Ralf Westhoff


Anne, Johannes and Eddi used to share a flat when they were students, but later in life they went their separate ways. In their old age, they reconnect and decide to live together again. All three are single and miss company, and as pensioners they are tight on money, so sharing the costs will be a good idea for them. They move into their new flat, playfully reminiscing about their turbulent youth, drinking, smoking, having lively discussions and late-night music. But their joy does not last long. In the flat below there live three serious students, who are in the middle of their exam period and have a hard time with elderly party-goers. Not only do they expect the new tenants to provide them with necessary peace, they also insist that they stick to the house rules and take on certain duties. The newcomers, however, do not give a damn about it. Both camps stubbornly insist on their own way of doing things and get involved in an intergenerational conflict, which is wittily turned upside down and defies stereotypical expectations. In this world gone wrong, there are numerous comic complications which, alongside the sparkling dialogue, entertain on the one hand and reveal many bitter truths of today‘s world, on the other. The elderly are upholding the ideals they stood for as members of the student revolutionary movement in the late 1960s, while the younger ones are the individualists of modern society, who are constantly stressed out and who put all their efforts into studying and succeeding, but no longer know how to socialise in a relaxed way. Obviously, the two sides will have to converge at some point ...


Wir sind die Neuen, 2016, odrska adaptacija filma Wir sind die Neuen (2014), 2016


Slovenian premiere

Premiere: 6. October 2023

Performance length is 1 hour and 20 minutes and has no pause.



Anja Naglič

Director and composer

Tijana Zinajić


Alenka Klabus Vesel

Set designer

Darjan Mihajlović Cerar

Costume designer

Matic Hrovat

Language consultant

Martin Vrtačnik

Lighting designer

Boštjan Kos

Sound designer

Tomaž Božič



Nataša Tič Ralijan


Jožef Ropoša


Tomo Tomšič


Veronika Železnik k. g.


Kaja Petrovič AGRFT


Nejc Jezernik k. g.

Ralf Westhoff (1969) is an award-winning German film director, screenwriter and producer. Neighbours was his first acclaimed film comedy (2014), which won the Grand Prix at the 32nd Filmfest in Munich. Two years later, a charming theatre adaptation was written.

Tijana Zinajić is an established theatre and film director who successfully tackles various genres. At Ljubljana City Theatre, she has staged with great subtlety the poignant plays For Our Young Ladies by Dragica Potočnjak, Further Than the Furthest Thing by Zinnie Harris and That Face by Polly Stenham. Tijana Zinajić is undoubtedly an exceptional master of comedy. For her direction of Jure Karas' Realists, performed by SNT Nova Gorica, she received the Noble Director Award at the 2019 Days of Comedy Festival in Celje. At Ljubljana City Theatre, we have not forgotten Daniel Glattauer's hit The Miracle Exercise, which entertained many viewers on the local Small Stage and all over Slovenia for several years, and in March 2023, Jelena Kajgo's comedy Rollercoaster, also directed by her, premiered at the Ljubljana City Theatre.