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Katarina Morano


Following the acclaimed production of Seven Days, we have invited its authors, a duo of successful young theatre makers to work with our theatre again – Katarina Morano, film director, screenwriter and playwright, and Žiga Divjak, theatre director. Katarina Morano's new play is called Sediments.

Sediments, 2021


World premiere

Performance length is 2 hours and 15 minutes and has no pause.



Žiga Divjak


Katarina Morano

Set designer

Igor Vasiljev

Costume designer

Tina Pavlović


Avtor glasbe Blaž Gracar

Language consultant

Barbara Rogelj

Lighting designer

Andrej Koležnik

Sound designer

Gašper Zidanič

Many thanks for their help with the production to

Vidu Hajnšku, Maji Križnik, Domnu Martinčiču in Andreju Nagodetu.


Mother, 68 let

Mirjam Korbar

Mila, her daughter, 34 let

Jana Zupančič

Blaž, her son, 34 let

Iztok Drabik Jug k. g.

Janja, her daughter, 44 let

Mojca Funkl

Grega, Mila's partner, 35 let

Matej Puc

Tomaž, Janja's husband, 46 let

Lotos Vincenc Šparovec

Lana, Janja's and Tomaž's daughter, 19 let

Lara Wolf k. g.


Oskar Guna, Borislav Horvat/Lovro Livk

As she put it in her introductory note, “each one of us, according to our abilities, with our corpus of knowledge and experience, perhaps with a sort of insight, or with our eyes closed, each one of us is building something and travelling somewhere, whether we want it or resist it.

Sediments explores the final point at the end of the journey; the point at the end of a life, a relationship, a struggle, longing, a desire, a hope, an aspiration, good intentions, resentment, despair and a myriad of decisions. The point where time stops just long enough for us to look back and check what is left behind. What is left when, at the end of a life that has been focused on the future, the future is no longer?

About the Authors

Director Žiga Divjak and playwright and dramaturg Katarina Morano are a creative couple who, despite their young age, tackle their projects with astonishing maturity. In their productions and original projects, they constantly examine and enquire the structure of contemporary society and the role of the individual with a strong sense of social and human injustice. Their acclaimed productions include The Bailiff Jernej and His Rights, produced by Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, At Dawn, based on Cankar’s writings and Kons: New Epochs, based on Kosovel’s writings (Prešeren Theatre Kranj), Lungs by Duncan Macmillan (SNT Drama Ljubljana), The Man Who Watched the World, 6, The Game and Fever at Mladinsko Theatre Ljubljana, Seven Days (Ljubljana City Theatre). In 2020, their play Seven Days was shortlisted for the national Slavko Grum Award for the best new play. Žiga Divjak is a recipient of several prestigious awards, among them two for Best Director at Maribor Theatre Festival, the most prominent theatre festival in Slovenia. In 2021 he won the City of Ljubljana Župančič Award for his productions in the last two years.

What do we do with what doesn’t fit in the boxes? What will perish with us, with you and me? And what are we to do with what is left and how are those who will remain carry it and live on? Is it possible at all to be more than what we leave behind?

What is left when, at the end of a life that has been focused on the future, the future is no longer? Many things can go into boxes. But what do we do with what doesn’t fit in the boxes?