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Rrose Sélavy


The author of the text states in the introductory note: the production must not be marketed under her name and actual title.

This witty and lucid intervention is only an introduction to the author's procedure of playing with reality; it is an invitation to the rupture that is fundamental to theatre: truth and fiction interact in a constant play with our expectations.

This intervention is not occurring by chance: the story we are telling cost both protagonists their lives; even if we
see their death as a conspiracy theory, it is hypothetically possible that the information about their lives and work has been deleted from the web – a process often used by companies and countries. Data about our lives is worth more than oil - and it also drives more digital machines and their profits than the motor vehicles do.

Rupture, 2022

Psihološki triler

Prva slovenska uprizoritev

Premiere: 26. October 2023

Performance length is 2 hours and 30 minutes and has 1 pause.



Vesna Hauschild


Jan Krmelj


Petra Pogorevc

Set designer

Lin Japelj

Video designer

Dorian Šilec Petek

Costume designer

Brina Vidic


Val Fürst and Pavel Panon Raščan

Language consultant

Martin Vrtačnik

Lighting designer

Boštjan Kos

Sound designer

Sašo Dragaš

Assistant to director

Lučka Neža Peterlin

Adaptation by creators of the performance.


Lucy Kirkwood

Ajda Smrekar


Diana Kolenc k. g.


Jernej Gašperin

Stage manager

Boris Kerč

Rrose Sélavy is the alter ego of Marcel Duchamp, the founder of conceptual art. The choice of this reference stems from the fascinating association between his insights into the fact that reality is an interplay of contexts and illusions, which we choose to believe in and attribute meaning to, and the processes of the text that generate a kind of performative deepfake. Perhaps, it is in this very act of processing that theatre truly mirrors reality: it is an interplay of our expectations and beliefs, of the taken-for-granted, which the theatrical event inverts. To look at reality as ready-made is a procedure that is crucial to understanding documentary principles – at the same time it is an act of emancipation, since it allows for a radical look at the ideology of the present. Reality is always in the making: it is defined by the choices we make, the way we live and the position in which we are placed.