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Ana Duša


Paradox, nonsense, chaos.

The world no longer has any clear shape. Any stability. Any tangible guidelines for the future. Man is left to himself. He finds himself in a jungle of voices. The voices are each screaming their own truth and demand from a man to make up his mind, at any given moment. For that one any only right. What is “right” changes faster than the Moon changes its phases. There is no space for calm reflection, no will for dialogue. Doubt is not welcome, mistakes are not tolerated. Each particular truth claims to be absolute. And each enforces its own set of instructions to follow.

Who owns the right to give instructions and who has the duty to follow them? And what is a man supposed to do, who has been brought up to believe that he has a right to seek his own unique voice, or moreover, that uniqueness is a prerequisite for a successful and satisfying life?

Let’s take anger to therapy. Let’s take the revolution to therapy. Let’s find out who is crazy – us or the world around us.

Ana Duša

Instructions, 2023

Three stories about loneliness

World premiere

Premiere: 7. December 2023

Performance length is 1 hour and 10 minutes and has no pause.



Ana Duša

Costume designer

Nina Čehovin

Language consultant

Maja Cerar

Lighting and sound designer

Aljoša Vizlar


Julita Kropec k. g.

After graduating in Comparative Literature, Ana Duša studied theatre in Florence (Scuola internazionale di creazione teatrale Helikos) and Paris (Maison du Conte). She was a member of the storytelling collective Za 2 groša fantazije on Radio Študent and co-founder and director of the Storytelling Variety, where she also runs educational programmes combining storytelling with methods of physical theatre (the Storytelling School). As a dramaturg, author of texts, translator and storyteller she has collaborated with numerous theatres, locally and abroad. As a theatre pedagogue, she has designed and led creative-educational processes at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and in many other institutions.