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Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

The Idiot

Prince Myshkin, a naïve, compassionate and – so it seems – almost unnaturally good in character returns from Switzerland, where he was treated for the last few years due to epilepsy, to the Russian society of aristocrats and rich merchants. On the train, he meets Rogozhin who has just inherited a vast fortune. Roghozin with his impulsive character, choleric temperament and egoism is the psychological opposite of Myshkin. He intends to use the inherited money to win Nastasya Filippovna, a well-known beauty from Saint Petersburg with whom he is obsessively in love and who has for some time been a fatal, dangerous and elusive figure in Saint Petersburg’s social life. Nastasya is a woman who inspires fascination as well as fear and contempt. At the home of a distant relative, general Yepanchin’s wife, Myshkin meets their youngest daughter, a beautiful Aglaya, who at the age of twenty, is just entering social life ...


Идиот, 1869

After the novel

World premiere

Premiere: 24. September 2022

Performance length is 3 hours and 35 minutes and has 2 pauses.



Juš A. Zidar

Author of dramatisation

Eva Mahkovic

Set designer

Branko Hojnik

Costume designer

Belinda Radulović


Marjan Nečak

Language consultant

Maja Cerar

Lighting designer

Andrej Koležnik

Sound designer

Matija Zajc

Assistant to director and dramaturg

Urša Majcen

Assistant to set designer

Nina Rojc


Nastassja Filippovna Barashkova

Ajda Smrekar

Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin

Filip Samobor

Parfyon Semyonovich Rogozhin

Primož Pirnat

Ivan Fyodorovich Yepanchin Jožef

Jožef Ropoša

Lizaveta Prokofyevna Yepanchina

Viktorija Bencik Emeršič

Adelaida Ivanovna Yepanchina

Lena Hribar Škrlec

Aglaya Ivanovna Yepanchina

Klara Kuk k. g.

Ardalion Alexandrovich Ivolgin

Gašper Jarni

Nina Alexandrovna Ivolgina

Tanja Dimitrievska

Gavrila Ardalionovich Ivolgin

Gal Oblak k. g.

Lukyan Timofeyevich

Jaka Lah

Ippolit Terentyev

Matic Lukšič

Afanasy Ivanovich Totsky

Boris Kerč

Background actors

Borislav Horvat, Boris Britovšek, Lovro Livk/Matjaž Rot, Mehira Jašić, Brina Šenekar

The core of the narrative is above all an intense psychological clash between Myshkin, Roghozin, Nastasya and Aglaya who are completely different in character.

Particularly relevant for today is the issue that Dostoevsky raises almost all the time:

Is there such a thing as a good man? Can the good in man survive? Can an individual control his survival instinct and subordinate his mechanisms of self-preservation to an ethical ideal, a socially responsible attitude and emphatic view of the world …?

 It throws its protagonist – a kind of God’s fool, a perpetual and intact child, alienated from social conventions – into a broken society devoid of any moral authority whatsoever, into a time of the awakening of capitalism, into a time of social-climbing and strictly calculated relations, individual trauma and ideological nihilism, into a time of emptiness and fragmentation. With his directness, his involuntary indifference to existing social laws and his utter sincerity, Myshkin is able to bring into life in each individual, at least for a moment, something long lost, almost incomprehensible and at the same time sublime. An immaculately pure gaze. The radiance with which a child looks into the world ...

Opening in September 2022 on the Main Stage