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Yasmina Reza

God of Carnage

Two eleven-year-olds had a fight in the playground. Since one of them lost two teeth due to being hit with a stick, their parents arrange a meeting to discuss the unfortunate incident. Annette and Alain’s visit to Veronique and Michel’s grand Parisian bourgeois apartment begins with polite chit-chat and calm and conciliatory tones of the well-mannered people, but in the carefully cultivated bourgeois refinement the cracks quickly appear. The relations become increasingly tense and the situation escalates into mutual and general recriminations of increasing proportions. We witness a real psychological war between the couples, and long-buried disagreements in both marriages come to light. 

We witness a real psychological war between the couples, and long-buried disagreements in both marriages come to light.

The conflict, which they have approached with all sobriety, tolerance and diplomacy, reveals the darkest sides of their personalities. Their outbursts of anger and repressed aggression increase with the amount of alcohol they have consumed. Sexist, racist and homophobic remarks abound, and their extreme egocentricity and lack of any empathy are striking ... The action escalates, and the conflict between the sons is just a forgotten cue.

Le Dieu du carnage, 2006

Black comedy

Premiere: 20. October 2022

Performance length is 1 hour and 10 minutes and has no pause.



Aleš Berger


Diego de Brea

Costume designer

Leo Kulaš

Language consultant

Barbara Rogelj

Lighting designer

Boštjan Kos

Sound designer

Gašper Zidanič

Assistant to set designer

Janez Koleša


Véronique Houillé

Jana Zupančič

Michel Houillé

Uroš Smolej

Annette Reille

Iva Krajnc Bagola

Alain Reille

Sebastian Cavazza

The world-renowned French playwright Yasmina Reza (1959), author of numerous stage hits, is already well known to Slovenian audiences. She wrote the play God of Carnage in 2006 and won numerous accolades for it. As in many of her other plays, in this brutal comedy she mercilessly exposes the contemporary bourgeois elite and draws attention to the duplicity of human nature with irony and sarcasm. This witty satire excels in brilliant dialogue and remarkably convincing characters. Yasmina Reza and Roman Polanski adapted the play into a film script, which was made into the 2011 film Carnage with an all-star cast. Yasmina Reza’s play Bella Figura was staged on the Small Stage of Ljubljana City Theatre in 2016.

Opening in September 2022 on the Main Stage