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Žiga Divjak, Gregor Zorc

The Future

Human waste, visible and invisible, travels through vast atmospheric layers and wide ocean currents. It spreads far and wide, all the way to the navel of the ocean, to an isolated atoll two thousand kilometres from the nearest civilisation. It accumulates in the body of a devoted albatross, which spends hundreds and hundreds of kilometres gathering food for its young, just to end up in the belly of the young albatross.

Millions and millions of years of flight over the turbulent surface of the sea, countless albatrosses that have cared and toiled to ensure the continuation of their species, come into contact with human ingenuity, a substance less than 100 years old - plastics.

Chemicals, plastics, living beings and their families, commitments, relationships are all brought together in a complex web of interactions.

The Future is a performance hidden in this complex web of interactions.

The Future, 2023

World premiere

Premiere: 2. February 2024

Performance length is 1 hour and 35 minutes and has no pause.



Žiga Divjak in Gregor Zorc


Žiga Divjak

Dramaturg and assistant to director

Gregor Zorc

Set designer

Igor Vasiljev

Costume designer

Tina Pavlović


Blaž Gracar

Language consultant

Barbara Rogelj

Lighting designer

Borut Bučinel


Bernarda Oman

Lara Wolf k. g.

Lotos Vincenc Šparovec

Gregor Gruden

Iztok Drabik Jug k. g.

Gregor Zorc k. g.

Milena Vasić

Jana Bjelica

Marija Pikić

Milan Kolak

Stefan Starčević

Milan Zarić

Žiga Divjak is one of the most sharp-witted young Slovenian directors, whose engaging productions address the most topical and pressing social issues. He drew attention to his social engagement already as a student, with his project Tik pred revolucijo / Right Before the Revolution (2013-2015), in which he started from the premise that theatre can have an impact on and gradually transform society. In this spirit and with fresh directorial approaches, he has created a number of acclaimed productions in many Slovenian theatres. Despite his young age, he has won many awards. He has won two Borštnik awards for directing: in 2017 for The Man Who Watched the World (Slovenian Youth Theatre) and in 2021 for The Game (Slovenian Youth Theatre and Maska). In 2018, his production of 6 (Slovenian Youth Theatre) won the Borštnik Grand Prix for Best Production. Žiga Divjak was awarded the Župančič Award for his directing over the last two years, while at the 51st Week of Slovenian Drama in Kranj he received a special jury award
for his production of Game. The productions of Seven Days (2019) and Sediments (2022), stunningly detailed anthropological studies of everyday life, were received with great affection by the audience of the Ljubljana City Theatre. His other acclaimed productions include Servant Jernej and his Justice, produced by Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, At Dawn (based on Cankar’s texts) and Cons: To the New Age (based on Kosovel’s texts) at the Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs at the SNT Drama and Fever at the Slovenian Youth Theatre. Žiga Divjak will be working with the Ljubljana City Theatre for the third time in the 2023/2024 season.

The premiere in Belgrade took place on Friday, December 15, 2023, at 8 PM.

The premiere in Ljubljana will take place on Friday, February 2, 2024, at 7 PM at the Ruta regional theater festival.