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Eva Jagodic, Matic Lukšič

All That I Saw When I Flew By

The original solo project All That I Saw When I Flew By is inspired by the true story of Laika, a small female dog who was launched by Soviet scientists into Earth’s orbit in 1957 in the Sputnik 2 spacecraft. In the 1950s, the USSR and the USA were engaged in a so-called space race. Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, the President of the USSR, asked Soviet scientists to launch an artificial satellite into the orbit on the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and to carry the first living creature into space. Immediately the scientist embarked on a quest to find canine cosmonauts among stray dogs on the streets of Moscow and in shelters, as they were convinced that their life on the streets would make them more resilient.

All That I Saw When I Flew By , 2021

Drama-puppetry-music solo project

World premiere

Performance length is 1 hour and 40 minutes and has no pause.


Authors' of the Production Concept

Eva Jagodic in Matic Lukšič


Eva Jagodic


Matic Lukšič

Set designer

Matic Lukšič


Anja Möderndorfer

Language consultant

Martin Vrtačnik

Light designer

Boštjan Kos

Sound designer

Tomaž Božič

Laika proved to be the most resilient dog in the tests. Her story is unique because of all the dogs in the Soviet space programme she was the only one doomed to die before she even embarked on her flight. Due to lack of time the scientists were unable to develop the technology that would have allowed the dog to return to Earth in time ...

The capsule in which Laika sat had a small window. This gives rise to the inevitable question of what the dog saw as she flew by, crammed into a small capsule, in the direction of the stars. Was she scared? Did curiosity make her oblivious of her fear? How did she feel?

All That I Saw When I Flew By is a solo project by the young actor Matic Lukšič, who, alongside stage acting, finds an outlet for his creative expression in the field of puppetry and music. Combining stage acting and puppetry, and above all the theatre of objects, he will explore the individual's aspiration for total freedom and one’s need and desire of belonging. Lukšič is particularly interested in the vulnerability of the individual's unwavering sense of belonging that is usually only exploited by society.

Was she scared? Did curiosity make her oblivious of her fear? How did she feel?

Many thanks to music consultant Andrej Pekarovič.