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John Boynton Priestley

The Stranger

A luxury dinner of a happy and seemingly nice family that is celebrating their daughter’s engagement and a great political and business success of one of the guests is interrupted by an unexpected call of a police inspector who is currently investigating a violent death of a young woman.

The questions are unpleasant, and the accusations at first unclear. The family members are outraged. Why did the inspector come? What connection does the suicide of an unidentified young woman have with their family? What happened? What does he want from them? How dare he interrupt a private party? Is he dangerous or just rude? Is it perhaps all just a misunderstanding? Are the sentences spoken that evening testimonies of truth or lies? Are the reactions of the assembled company the result of a surprise? Or of a concealment? Who bears the greater secret – the interviewer or the interviewee? And how many secrets are there? And in what way they might be connected?

Adaptation of a theatre play An Inspector Calls, 1945

Psihološki triler

World premiere of the adaptation

Premiere: 10. December 2022

Performance length is 1 hour and 5 minutes and has no pause.


Author of the adaptation and director

Barbara Hieng Samobor


Eva Mahkovic


Darjan Mihajlović Cerar


Bjanka Adžić Ursulov


Maja Cerar


Andrej Koležnik


Sašo Dragaš



Tjaša Železnik


Mojca Funkl

Nataša Tič Ralijan


Ana Pavlin k. g.


Gal Oblak k. g.


Inspector Gul

Boris Kerč

It turns out that all these relatives and intimate friends actually don’t know each other very well.

A pleasant celebration turns the evening into an embarrassing confrontation with possible guilt, and then, with a shocking twist, back into celebration. And then ...

Do we tend to be more cruel when we are aware of our cruelty? Or when we are not?

 An Inspector Calls, a psychological thriller by John Boynton Priestly, written in the middle of the 20th century, was one of the first productions to be put on stage in our theatre seventy years ago. In recent years, the play’s topical relevance has led to increased interest and film and television adaptations around the world. Stephen Daldry's iconic stage interpretation, starring Kenneth Cranham, has been continuously performed on the stage of the National Theatre in London for almost a quarter of a century.


Opening in October 2022 on the premises of the Ljubljana City Theatre