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Antonio Tabares

The Tip of the Iceberg

Opening October 2017 on the Small Stage

At the headquarters of a successful company Technocenter, situated in a large Spanish city, three employees have committed suicide in the last five months. The company is part of a giant multinational company based in Madrid. Sofía Cuevas, one of the leading executives of the multinational company and a former employee of Technocentre, is set a task to pay a visit to the company and obtain unobtrusively as much information as possible to write an internal report. Many interesting details that emerge during her visititation suggest that the state of the company is not exactly as desired: the employees are subjected to ruthless pressures, unhealthy relationships prevail and generate a high level of stress and fear ... The general manager, who is the epitome of a successful businessman, denies any connection between blatant personal distress and the working environment. Is it just an unfortunate coincidence? Will the exposed secrets from private lives of the employees who killed themselves clarify the situation, or make it even more complicated?
Tabares wrote a nail-biting thriller. His in-depth analysis of the condition of contemporary Western society is matched by his passion for delving into human nature. In nine meticulously constructed scenes Sofía talks to four people. She talks to everyone but one person twice ̶ each one of them emerging completely different after the second conversation. Similarly, Sofía herself is no longer a self-assured business woman we met at the onset of the play, as we get to know her fragile and more vulnerable side too ...
Antonio Tabares (1973), who has received a great deal of critical appraisal in recent years, is a Spanish playwright from the Canary Islands. In 2011 his most acclaimed play, The Tip of the Iceberg, won the Tirsa de Molina Award, a prestigious national award for Spanish and Latin-American playwrights. In 2012 it won the Réplica Award, presented by the Canary Islands Association of Performing Arts. Directed by Sergi Belbel, the play premiered in 2014 in Madrid. In 2016 it was adapted into a high-profile film.

La punta del iceberg, 2011


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