Opening September 2017 on the Main Stage

Rent is a musical that premiered on the New York off- Broadway scene in the early 1990s. The show gained critical and popular acclaim and was soon transferred to Broadway. Aiming to produce a modern version of the famous opera La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini, Jonathan Larson incorporated many elements of his life into Rent. He adapted and brought up to date the story of a tightly-knit community of young artists teeming with energy, who want to stay true to the principles of creativity and their bohemian lifestyle despite poverty and disease. He moved the setting from Paris of the first half of the 19th century to the New York neighbourhood of East Village in the 1980s.
In spite of the obstacles that the protagonists stumble upon in life, the message of the musical is upbeat, altruistic and optimistic: love conquers all; today is the most important day of your life. The musical is particularly memorable for a series of catchy music numbers, characterized by strong emotional charge, as well as for an evocative range of closely linked characters, and a subtle and affirmative inquiry of various subcultural phenomena originating in the New York underground scene of the late 1980s.
Sadly, Larson did not live up to see the triumph of his musical, as he died unexpectedly in the morning of Rent's original production opening on Broadway in 1996. He was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Musical. The opening production of Rent ran for 12 years. In 2005 it was turned into a high-profile film.
To direct Rent Stanislav Moša, who previously staged our popular productions of Cabaret, Fiddler on the Roof, Sugar ̶ Some Like It Hot, and The Witches of Eastwick, returns to MGL after a few year’s gap.