Director's Address

Dear patrons of the Ljubljana City Theater (a.k.a. MGL),

the late Berta Bojetu Boeta, a Slovenian poet, writer and actress, once said to me: »In theatre, absolutely anything can be done. There is no such thing that a theatre event cannot recount, present and convey. A theatre stage is a site of absolute freedom and unlimited possibilities. Mark my words. Stay curious and demanding. Settle for nothing less.« I already knew then that she was right. Lately, I’ve come to notice how often her wise words seem to surface in my memory. I can’t help imagining how this lady of radiance would tell off people who try hard to eliminate art from a list of »essential goods« … Just thinking about it makes me laugh …

Our forthcoming theatre season is entitled WHAT IS TRUTH?.

What is redeeming? What is misleading? What is satisfying? What is hurtful? What brings joy? What is rousing? What is seductive? What is intoxicating? What is enriching? What is stultifying? What is depleting? What is boring? What is shocking? What is moving? What is harming? What is helpful? What is attractive? What is repelling? What is wounding?

Who are we? Where are we? Where do we go from here?

Who loves? Who hates? Who divides? Who gives? Who steals? Who lies?

»I’d be keen to know by now if he is what he claims to be; is he more or is he less? Is he here at all? And if he is not what he is, who is it who he is not?« (Scandal in the Valley of St Florian, Act 3, Scene I)

Eleven new productions, including a co-production presented in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom, a brand new crime theatre series, three major classic works of theatre, several new plays, and not only one but two musicals ... This is included in our plentiful and inquiring repertoire line-up featuring more than 80 actors, singers, musicians and dancers.

May we welcome you sincerely to our theatre world.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to many nights at the theatre with you.

Barbara Hieng Samobor,
manager and artistic leader